Show me your friends

and I will show you who you are

Yesli Vega (VA-07)

Republicans are looking to flip this congressional district in the suburbs of northern Virginia. But Yesli Vega has embraced the MAGA extremism of her Republican Party. She has welcomed an endorsement from Elise Stefanik, who has echoed the same racist conspiracy theories as the racist mass murderer who attacked El Paso in 2019 and Buffalo in May. Yesli even accepted $10,000 from Stefanik’s superPAC. Yesli would be a rubber stamp for the Republican agenda and their failed chaos and cruelty approach to the border. She offers no real solutions to address the concerns at the border while her friends embrace dangerous conspiracy theories, jeopardizing all our safety.

Kevin McCarthy (CA-23)

Currently, the House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, hopes to be the Speaker of the House — the top position in the congressional chamber. McCarthy has said he will block any attempt to provide pathways to citizenship for Dreamers or farmworkers. He has also promised to end the investigation into the violent insurrection at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. McCarthy has also promised to empower his Republican friends who publicly attended white nationalist events and threatened political violence. McCarthy is more worried about pleasing Donald Trump and his extremist friends than addressing working families' challenges, like lowering healthcare costs or raising the minimum wage.

Elise Stefanik (NY-21)

Currently, the third-ranking House Republican, Elise Stefanik, won her leadership position because she went along with the election lies that the election was stolen from Trump and refused to condemn the violent insurrection at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. Stefanik has also used her campaign to promote the white supremacist conspiracy theory that immigrants are trying to replace white people and overthrow our democracy. She has echoed the deadly lie about an “invasion” of non-white migrants at the border. Even after the racist mass murderer who attacked customers at a Buffalo grocery store echoed those very same lies, Stefanik doubled down on the dangerous language. Stefanik's lies about the election and an invasion are dangerous and distract from the fact that she wants to deny citizenship, block all refugees, and waste billions on a wall preferring to fear-monger about immigrants for her own selfish politics rather than work towards real solutions.

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Republican @yestoyesli wants to represent Virginia even though she is friends with Elise Stefanik, who has echoed racist and dangerous conspiracy theories. Learn more about Yesli and her friends here: