Show me your friends

and I will show you who you are

Mike Garcia (CA-27)

After redistricting, Republican Mike Garcia is hoping to retain a seat in Congress representing the district north of Los Angele. Garcia has echoed the same racist “invasion” conspiracies as the racist mass murderer who attacked El Paso in 2019 and Buffalo in May. After first winning a special election in May 2020, he voted against certifying the election despite the violent attack on the Capital and the complete lack of evidence of fraud. He also voted against the Dream and Promise Act in 2021, which would have put Dreamers and farmworkers on a pathway to citizenship. Garcia has been a rubber stamp for the Republican agenda and their failed chaos and cruelty approach to the border. He offers no real solutions to address the concerns at the border while he and his friends embrace dangerous conspiracy theories, jeopardizing all our safety.

Garica has accepted thousands of dollars from Kevin McCarthy, Brian Babin, and an Arizona Senate candidate, Jim Lamon, who made the racist “invasion” lies a centerpiece of his campaign.

Kevin McCarthy (CA-23)

Currently, the House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, hopes to be the Speaker of the House — the top position in the congressional chamber. McCarthy has said he will block any attempt to provide pathways to citizenship for Dreamers or farmworkers. He has also promised to end the investigation into the violent insurrection at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. McCarthy has also promised to empower his Republican friends who publicly attended white nationalist events and threatened political violence. McCarthy is more worried about pleasing Donald Trump and his extremist friends than addressing working families' challenges, like lowering healthcare costs or raising the minimum wage.

Brian Babin (TX-36)

This Texas Congressman from a district that runs from the west of Houston to the border of Louisiana is a vocal promoter of the white nationalist conspiracy theory that there is a plot afoot to replace white people with non-white immigrants. Last September, Brain Babin went on television to falsely claim democrats' had a “grand strategy” where they wanted “to replace the American electorate with third-world immigrants that are coming in illegally, many of them COVID positive.” Babin has since persistently amplified the racist language about a “great replacement” and migrant “invasion.” These are the same racist lies that inspired the mass murderers who attacked El Paso in 2019 and Buffalo in May.

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Republican candidate @RepMikeGarcia is empowering people who spread hate and endanger our community. He also accepts $$$ and endorsements from those who spread racist conspiracy theories. Learn more at